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The label doesn't make any contracts with its artists, allowing them total freedom in regards to decision making. The musicians own all their music, with audiokontor just providing support and an outlet for their craft.

The label is still young, and was born out of a passion Marius Hammerich shared with a couple of befriended artists. But when it comes to the label's future, he's tight-lipped to the max.

Audio Services:


Recording fantastic raw tracks is just the start of achieving a fantastic-sounding, competitive production of your music. The next step in the process can be the difference between your music receiving a lukewarm reception and gaining lifelong fans.

Using a range of techniques, Mixing adds power and punch, brings out the emotion in your track and ultimately creates a much more powerful connection with your listeners.


With careful use of digital plugins and analogue hardware for EQ, compression, balancing, automation, limiting and many other advanced techniques, we can provide a finished master you can truly be proud of.

Individual songs are maximised and optimised for CD and radio as well as online platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. Tracks that form EPs or albums are treated to ensure consistency between each song, and a DDP can be created for CD duplication.

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